Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My son and I were out at The Rock trails last weekend. He was having a blast on the dirt jump sections, while I was having fun snapping pictures of him.

He couldn't stop laughing at my facial expressions in some of the shots that he took of me.
It's been fun watching him ride my old Schwinn lately, since he has out grown his Jamis recently. I guess it's especially cool to him since he found out it's about as old as he is, I suppose it's kinda like driving dad's old hot rod.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Next Sunday is the 8 Hours of Labor race at San Felasco, I'm pretty excited about it. I feel like I'm in better shape for it right now than I was in the last two years that I've done this race. Eight weeks ago I sure wouldn't have said that, but that was 16.4 lbs ago. It's not just loosing the weight that's got me feeling good, but I put together a training plan for myself that worked without interfering with my family and work too much. Putting the plan together was the easy part though, I managed to stick to it for 8 weeks, that's the hard part. For me anyway. This week is an easy recovery week with one decent mtb ride planed, then the 8 hour race on Sunday.

I really need to find my next event so that I can keep this momentum going. I find it's so much easier to stick to a training plan if I have an event coming up.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

8 Weeks

I know, I'm terrible about updating this blog. I'll try and be better about it.....really, I will.

My weight loss plan has been working pretty well for me over the last 8 weeks, still, I could do better if I focused a little harder on the nutrition side of it though. In the first 3 weeks I focused a lot of my attention on nutrition and dropped 9 lbs right away. Over the next 2 weeks I managed to gain a pound of that back while eating more of what I wanted and stepping up my weight training at the gym a little. During the last 3 weeks I'm down another 8.4. I've been eating pretty well during the whole 8 weeks but it was only the first three that I was so into it that I was weighing all of my portion sizes (very important in my opinion). If I can continue to train like I've been doing and get a little more serious about my nutrition I don't see any reason I can't get rid of another 7 or 8 lbs over the next month.
So far that's 16.4 lbs down and feeling pretty good. Oh and the little competition my wife and I have been having, yeah, it's still on. We are running neck and neck, both of us are right at our goals for the moment. The deal is though that once the goal is met, you have to maintain it until the next weigh in.